Hello and welcome! My name is Michael Z. Zaki. 

My  writing for the last ten years has about making the obscure inside of us more clear and understandable. 
I love taking the pieces of experience that can often feel like a flurry of emotion and intuition, and turning them into a clear narrative.

I believe that storytelling is one cornerstone of culture, and it is an honor to tell stories. Even non-fiction is storytelling - a set of facts with no story is hard to understand and integrate, and my goal is to generate understanding, curiosity, and reflection.

I hope you enjoy exploring my work here, and I would love to hear from you! 

Recent Blog Posts

Are you failing or are you just poor?

Are you failing or are you just poor? I realized one day in 2020 that I had not been irresponsible my whole life, I had been poor. That day, for the first time, I solved a small mistake with money. I had just gotten a pet rabbit, and bought foam mats to protect my floor, in case of scratching or accidents. He chewed them up immediately. I felt so bad about myself for wasting the money and creating this problem for myself, until I realized I had the money in those days to just go buy something else.
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Sometimes it’s a puzzle, not an obstacle course

I’m used to obstacles. I’m disabled, and a lot of the time it feels like arbitrary difficulties stand between me and things I need or want to do. Sometimes they are unavoidable difficulties, and sometimes they are situations that would be easily solved by infrastructural accessibility. Sometimes, however, I’m so used to that, I think that in all challenging situations I just need to try harder. So I try harder, and harder, and harder. One of my
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Therapy isn't a test

Many people talk about wanting their therapist to like them, and to feel like they’re doing a good job at therapy. They will say that they deep down want to be their therapist’s favorite client. They worry that they’re not succeeding at therapy, or bothering their therapist. I always wish someone would tell them that it’s safe to let go of that, so I’m going to try. If you’re feeling like you’re only safe when you’re liked by people you interact with, I hope that it helps to hear that needing a
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When our current self is never enough

It used to be more important to me to be the best version of myself. I used to believe that self improvement was one static, linear thing. Either we’re moving forward or we’re backsliding. It now feels arrogant, looking back, that I thought in 2015 that I was “improving myself” as a person, and that the only way I could improve further was to try “harder” to keep improving. I had no idea how much people grow without trying so hard, and how trying so hard d
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There is no moral obligation to be normal

There is so much pressure in various marginalized groups to prove it’s not our “fault” we are certain ways — fat, trans, gay, bisexual, etc. We feel we have to prove we are healthy fat people. Or genetically fat people. Because it wasn’t our “fault”. We feel we have to find a gay gene or show how our trans brains are different from cis people’s. We feel we have to show our health conditions were not our fault. We feel we have to beg for safety by pr

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I'm a Seattle writer with ten years of experience writing online content. I love engaging readers in compelling stories. 

In my free time, I write fiction, play story-based video games, bake, and spend time with my rabbit, Tilly.